How to minimize your pores - What really works

How to minimize your pores - What really works

A lot of people ask us how to get read of our pores, and that's something you can not do but you can manage how visible they are generics have a big part in this, how we take care of our skin can also affect how visible our pores are and also as we age, your pores may not have been visible before but now you can start to see them, that is because gravity like to push things downward, so with aging skin you will see your pores appears as lines going down vertically.

What can make pores more visible and worst?

Some of the things that can make your pores more visible and the treatments that we can do to minimize that effect, we are not talking about temporally solution, this will be something that you have to keep up with it consistently but it works and will make a big difference

1) Blackheads - Clogging of dead skin cells, sebum, dust, dirt, pollution, and bacteria.

Nothing makes the pores more visible than when they are filled with blackheads, however, they are quite easy to remove but it is something you have to keep up, you will have to keep doing it consistently because once you removed it, it will fill back up. Blackheads are the result of an open (blackhead) hair follicle clogged with sebum which then oxidizes and turns black, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Some of us are more prone to this kind of congestion than others when you have certain areas of your skin that are particularly oily.

2) Sebaceous Filament - Overproduction of sebum from the hair follicle.

These are harder to remove, you can not get read of simply by putting pore strips, we are talking about excess sebum lining up the follicles within a pore, and because our sebum is waxy it hardens, and when it does that it will keep the pores opened.

3) Skin texture - texture accentuated by excess build-up flakiness, rough patches, oiliness, and dullness.

When you have excess build-up sitting on the surface of your skin and is not a smooth and refined texture, then that makes things more visible.

How can we treat and prevent:

Now we are going to look at how we can treat these issues and preventing this from happening and we will show you what works wonders.

1) Salicylic Acid (BHA) - To clean and clear pores

Is a very important ingredient for this, it is oil soluble and it can get dipper in and degunk everything, just deep clean, unclogged, unplug all the stuff surrounding your hair follicles. If you have prone skin a BHA product should be on your everyday routine, regardless is it is a cleanser, toner, serum, or mask, we recommend using it right after cleansing because of its ability to dipped dive into our pores for that reasons we recommend on toner form of 2% BHA is ideal, it will keep your skin clear and at the end of the day will continue to feel super clean, so nothing can be sitting around getting infected and inflamed, it also has exfoliating properties so it can keep the surface of your skin nice and smooth.

If you love your oil serums and you want your treatment to be in your oil serum, remember you don't need a BHA toner and then add a BHA serum just use one, this is another treatment option if you would like to have an oil serum to be more clarifying. We prefer oil serum to spot treat areas, however, they are very lovely for your entire face.

2) Retinoid - Tighten the pores, texture refining, and reverse signs of aging.

Retinoid can make a big difference when it comes to the visibility of your pores, it takes care of congested pores, blackheads, its a complete turnover, you will have smooth, tighter skin, this does it all. Interestingly this will help your pores size, remember everyone has different skin types and this may not be for everyone.

3) Niacinamide - Sebum control, Age defensive and pore tightening

This one is a great treatment for pore visibility, it has been said to have some abilities to control oil production and balance that out.

4) Proper cleansing

Everything starts with good proper cleansing, we can not stress double cleansing enough, the moment you start double cleansing everything changes, the breakouts, texture... everything will get better. it will remove everything that builds upon the surface of your skin as well as the things we have applied on your skin, the second cleanse after all of that is removed is about actually cleaning your skin, recommendations are to use a salicylic acid cleanser as your second cleanser.