About Us


 Leading a revolutionary high-end natural skincare in the world, Veruska sparks a new vision about green beauty, proving that you can have it all: complete performance and absolute purity. Born in Colorado and becoming the world biggest curator of luxurious skincare with an ecologically conscious lifestyle.


Our main purpose is to produce the most effective products without synthetic chemicals and harmful Parabens. We search around the world to source for the highest quality ingredients: exotic plant extracts; unique and incredible oils; and efficacious cosmeceuticals. When it comes to value we carefully grade for potency, absolute freshness, and complete purity as criteria of selection—to ensure each formula swiftly improves the way your skin looks and feels.



FROM FIGHTING CANCER TO FIGHTING A DIFFICULT SKIN It all started after Veruska 925 Skincare Founder Gildre Gavrilovic was diagnosed with cancer. It was a reality check that she couldn’t ignore: she needed to make herself healthy for her family. After battling cancer several times in her lifetime, she embarked on a healing journey, setting one of her biggest goals to: completely remove toxins from her life, and mend her skin. She wanted to make changes in her life never done before. She believes she has been a good daughter, sister, wife and mother but never thought about herself.

Being an herbalist for years and having the passion for natural skincare, she began mixing her own skincare potions - formulated with the purest, most powerful botanicals in the world and their history. And thus Veruska 925 was conceived. Veruska is her daughter’s name that carries the same passion as her mother, a legacy—living as a reminder to always formulate something extraordinary.

We are here for a short time and we need to enjoy our life and be joyful to wake up every day and enjoy the people around you. Like Gildre always says “I’m so happy I woke up today and got to meet you, what a wonderful day this is.”

The change starts with you, and taking care of the only body you were given. Veruska 925 was created with the intent of allowing all people an experience that allows you to cherish what you have, take care of yourself, while feeling it’s all worthwhile from the: Purpose; Artisanal and potent product; to even a luxurious experience from opening up the packaging. It’s a personable experience inspired from a very sophisticated, delicate, and activist point of view.