9 Ways You Can Help To Hydrate Your Skin Naturally!

9 ways you can help to hydrate your skin naturally! - Veruska 925 Natural Skincare


 Our skin is the largest organ in your body so we must take care of it well! It serves as a protector, an absorber, a secretor, a regulator, and a sensor. When your skin is fully hydrated, it is able to function properly and fully fight against and flush out toxins - keeping your skin healthy and it functions as pure as possible. Also - when the skin is well hydrated, it is plump and resilient - helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that can form as the skin ages.

Here are 9 ways you can help to hydrate your skin naturally from the inside out, while also using products to maximize your hydration efforts.

1. Drink plenty of water - We know that drinking water is essential to our body function, yet we tend to forget the effect it can have on our skin and our skin’s appearance! This is the MOST important way you can hydrate your skin from the inside out. Other bevies such as coffee, tea, alcohol, soda, other caffeinated drinks are not your friend when it comes to hydration. All dehydrate and cause stress on the body Aim to consume 1/2 your body weight in water at a minimum to ensure your body gets the hydration it needs to operate optimally.

2 Eat your fruits & veggies - Focusing specifically on water-dense foods here such as cucumbers, berries, watermelon, plums, peaches, celery, bell peppers, and lettuce will help a TON. Other foods packed with anti-oxidants, beta carotene, and omega 3 fatty acids are great too such as walnuts, avocado, sweet potatoes, and flaxseed.

3. Avoid soaps or skincare products with toxins, preservatives - We will do another post with some of the toxic ingredients you need to avoid, yet essentially you want to avoid anything that will strip your skin from its natural oils.

4. Turn down the temperature on your baths and showers - I know we all love a hot shower or bath on a cold day, yet hot water will also strip the oils from your skin. Hot water causes damage to the keratin cells that are in the outer layer of your skin - the epidermis - and can prevent cells from locking in moisture. It can also worsen any skin conditions so it’s best to keep water warm to lukewarm to protect your skin!

5. Use a humidifier - Putting a humidifier in your bedroom will also help to stop your skin from drying out. It will also help you sleep better and it’s good for your respiratory system too. Also, in addition to hot water, be sure not to put your home’s central heating or air conditioning on high. These two extremes can also dry out your skin.

6. Add oil to your moisturizer - You should be using a naturally based moisturizer already, YET by adding an essential oils based product to it, you are giving your skin an additional hydration boost. Basically, it’s like adding electrolytes to your water while running a marathon. You can’t survive on water alone. Your body needs replenishment and so does your skin! Using a naturally based oil such as Po + Ro | Hydration by Veruska 925 Natural Skincare and adding it to your moisturizer you are giving your face the EXTRA hydration kick it needs to replenish serious nutrients.

7. Add masks to your treatment routine on the reg - Similar to the one above, this is essential to your regular routine in order to replenish your skin. Masks can help to provide a deep clean by removing dead skin cells and opening up pores to pull out any impurities. Deep cleaning of the skin so to speak.

8. Increase your omega-3 fatty acids - Remember to eat your fruits and veggies but it bears a call out all of its own. Omega-3 fatty acids provide the building blocks that your body uses to produce the oils on your skin. By adding more salmon and oily fish to your diet or by taking Omega-3 supplements, you are improving the hydration of your skin from the inside out!

9. Use a serum - Basically thing of a serum as a way to LOCK in moisture to the skin. Typically comprised of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin, serums are a very effective tool for targeting skincare concerns that develop over time such as wrinkles and be sure to put it on before your moisturizer to maximize its hydrating effects.


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